Jayda G

Significant Changes


This album was released 17 weeks ago.

75% ±6% 8 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Unifying the Center (Abstract)
2 Renewal (Hyla Mix)
3 Stanley’s Get Down (No Parking on the DF)
4 Leave Room 2 Breathe
5 Orca’s Reprise
6 Missy Knows What’s Up
7 Sunshine in the Valley
8 Move to the Front (Disco Mix)
9 Conclusion
1 Leave Room 2 Breathe - Edit
2 Move to the Front (Disco Mix) - Edit
3 Stanley’s Get Down (No Parking on the DF) - Edit
Rating Source
-4% 4WIM Adjuster
75% 4WIM Rating
90% Exclaim! Music The album opens and closes with an abstract ("Unifying the Center (Abstract)") and a "Conclusion," while "Orca's Reprise" sets a field recording of orca calls to a fragile arrangement of gently plucked strings and sombre bowed instruments.
80% The Guardian Incorporating her research as an environmental toxicologist, her debut album Significant Changes serves as a manifesto for both dancefloors and ocean floors.
80% New Musical Express It’s moments such as this that make ‘Significant Changes’ such an enticing listen, as the Canadian producer combines her skill for writing club bangers with her studies in the Biology field.
80% The Skinny A key thematic area on Jayda G's debut album Significant Changes is the intertwining nature of her work in music and science.
80% Loud & Quiet Dash collaborates with Jayda G more than anyone else, and it’s easy to see why – she brings an easy confidence to her vocals on each track that’s irresistible.
80% Pop Matters As a platform for further discussion and as a funky, hip shaking, unifying electronic album, Jayda G's Significant Changes is a triumph.
70% The Line of Best Fit
70% Resident Advisor She earned a master's degree in resource and environmental management?about orca whales and humans' effect on them?around the time she completed Significant Changes, her first LP.