James Yorkston

The Route To The Harmonium


This album was released 12 weeks ago.

72% ±4% 6 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Your Beauty Could Not Save You
2 The Irish Wars of Independence
3 Like Bees to Foxglove
4 Shallow
5 The Blue of the Thistle
6 My Mouth Ain't No Bible
7 Solitary Islands All
8 The Villages I Have Known My Entire Life
9 Oh Me, Oh My
10 Brittle
11 Yorkston Athletic
12 A Footnote to an Epitaph
Rating Source
-6% 4WIM Adjuster
72% 4WIM Rating
80% Drowned in Sound It’s been nearly 15 years since James Yorkston engaged the services of Kieran Hebden and released Just Beyond the River.
80% The Skinny The songs on The Route to the Harmonium are delicate beings; looser than your standard folk fare, but with lush brushstrokes offering movement across the still waters of James Yorkston's deliberate fingerpicking.
80% The Guardian Stirring together folk, Indian raga and jazz into deliciously exploratory but strangely familiar music, they revealed Yorkston as a musician who never forsakes intimacy for inventiveness.
80% Record Collector It’s a deeply personal album, one that feels like Yorkston’s search for peace may be leading him home.
80% Loud & Quiet A rich tapestry of layers that at times dovetail seamlessly and at others crash together with abandon, you can hear the North Sea as it laps and weathers Scotland’s coast while Yorkston’s characters go about their business dotted around a landscape which is at turns both breathtaking and brutal.
70% Exclaim! Music James Yorkston The Route to the Harmonium By Daniel Sylvester Published Feb 19, 2019 7 Since the release of his criminally overlooked debut in 2002, Moving Up Country, James Yorkston has always written music in reaction to his environments, and always with his heart on his sleeve.