Joy as an Act of Resistance.


This album was released 96 weeks ago.

87% ±9% 22 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Colossus
2 Never Fight A Man With A Perm
3 I'm Scum
4 Danny Nedelko
5 Love Song
6 June
7 Samaritans
8 Television
9 Great
10 Gram Rock
11 Cry To Me
12 Rottweiler
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87% 4WIM Rating
100% God is in the TV IDLES, in the space of a couple of years and one album, have transcended the UK music industry and evolved from an irritating fragment of gravel in the shoe of popular culture to full blown poster boys for the future of music, society, the universe and pretty much anything else you care to mention.
100% DIY Magazine And if ‘Brutalism’ marked the opening chapter of a conversation of real importance, then IDLES’ second statement picks up that mantle and fleshes out the book; it is not so much an album as a manifesto.
100% New Musical Express The fun punks’ second album is an instant classic, one that people will turn to in times of need for years to comeThere are, improbably, a couple of nods to ’80s romantic drama Dirty Dancing on Bristol punks Idles’ instant classic second album ‘Joy As An Act Of Resistance’.
100% The Firenote Where most bands have the dreaded sophomore slump, IDLES dug in deep and euded any semblance of a letdown.
90% Exclaim! Music
90% Under the Radar Magazine IDLES, however, are a very special proposition indeed and they're here to change the world for the better through the inestimable power of punk rock, positivity, and community.
90% The 405 The accusation is often that these are the people who voted for Brexit, who are the ones shouting for removal of immigrants, or who are feeding off government schemes and have no work ethic – IDLES are attempting to set that straight here.
90% Drowned in Sound Having played well over 200 shows since the release of debut album Brutalism in January of last year, not to mention the years of struggling to make ends meet prior to that combining assorted day jobs with playing in a band.
90% The Line of Best Fit
90% Pop Matters While many punk albums look to encourage a wider, smash the system uprising, Idles focus on the revolution that comes from within on Joy As an Act of Resistance.
90% Clash Like ‘Colossus’ the final third is a brutal blast of pent up aggression that asks more than it answers and delivers a fitting end to an album that establishes Idles as a band you don’t want to piss off.
90% GoûteMesDisques
90% Soundblab The ironic "I suck and so do you" pose is no longer acceptable to IDLES if the end result is hatred, division and the assumption that caring equates to weakness.
83% Gaffa (Sweden) Kvintettens kompromisslösa och punkiga postrock var en välkommen motvikt till mesiga popstjärnor som Ed Sheeran och trista papparockare som Noel Gallagher, samt de som gillade hiphoppens och grimens brutala ärlighet men inte riktigt grejade musikstilen.
82% GIGsoup The same can be snugly applied to the sophomore IDLES record, ‘Joy as an Act of Resistance’.Punk rockers from Bristol, this time three years ago IDLES were embracing obscurity.
80% Record Collector We wrote the album as a meditative practice to help us get closer to our audience and ourselves, stripping down the songs and their parts to their naive bones as a way of leaving ourselves – as people and musicians – vulnerable and open, which is freeing and more honest.
80% You wait around for a feral, untethered, vital, challenging and dynamic record to shock your senses and then two come along in the space of eighteen months, and both are by the same band.
80% The Guardian But, 18 months after their acclaimed debut, Brutalism, Idles do that with 11 songs of focused, cathartic rage, rooted in their own experiences.
80% Music OMH The brutish, steely power of Colossus makes for a beast of an opener and illustrates Idles’ ability to be rabidly virile musically while lyrically berating laddish behaviour and the noxious expectations men are expected to live up to.
80% Loud & Quiet The two lead tracks from ‘Joy as an Act of Resistance’ take on two completely different sides of the IDLES equation.
80% No Ripcord Joe Talbot's unrelenting vocal gnarl hits the sweet spot throughout, and he is given full room to set out his lyrical stall by music that is not there to be noticed for changes or dynamic alteration and more to act as the monotonous curtain behind him.
60% The Skinny The opening, thudding bass of Colossus rings in IDLES’ recorded return with an intimidating, almost ritualistic rhythm.