Hop Along

Bark Your Head Off, Dog


This album was released 49 weeks ago.

78% ±8% 10 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 How Simple
2 Somewhere a Judge
3 How You Got Your Limp
4 Not Abel
5 The Fox in Motion
6 One That Suits Me
7 What the Writer Meant
8 Look of Love
9 Prior Things
Rating Source
-2% 4WIM Adjuster
78% 4WIM Rating
90% Exclaim! Music This sense of approachability and solidarity is especially palpable on the band's fourth album, Bark Your Head Off, Dog, which is by far their poppiest and most grandiose release yet.
90% Drowned in Sound Frances Quinlan’s transition from solo artist to Hop Along band leader resulted in one of the decade’s most beloved Saddle Creek releases in the form of 2015’s Painted Shut.
90% Soundblab But, if one peels back the outer layer of today’s music scene, you will find that the guitar is alive and well, and it is thriving in the hands of some very capable women.
84% Earbuddy Bark Your Head Off, Dog marks the band’s fourth release and the first following their breakthrough, Painted Shut.
80% The Skinny But let’s take a moment to appreciate the other brilliant aspects of Hop Along, because there are many, and they’re fully flexed on this new album.
80% DIY Magazine Third album ‘Bark Your Head Off, Dog’ loosens the grip a little, with crunchy guitars swapped in part for sweeping, breezy acoustics, and the band’s hooks amplified.
80% God is in the TV
70% The Line of Best Fit On their third album, Bark Your Head Off, Dog, they take it a step further; the simple yet effective sonic tapestry of previous records evolving in to a rich and delicately nuanced record thanks to the addition of strings, rhythmic intricacies and a stronger emphasis on vocal harmonies.
70% Under the Radar Magazine So Quinlan and co's third record proper, Bark Your Head Off, Dog, will come as somewhat of a shock to some when hearing those "rougher edges" be rounded off.
70% The 405 Hop Along’s last album, Painted Shut, featured a song called ‘Powerful Man’, with Frances Quinlan telling the story of seeing a child being abused by their father, and not stepping in to say or do anything about it because of his imposing presence and her relative youth.