This album was released 63 weeks ago.

86% ±9% 15 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Negative Space
2 Static Resistance
3 Ullswater
4 The Soft Season
5 Opener
6 Each Time We Pass
7 Boxing Day
8 Reunion
9 Shortcomings
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86% 4WIM Rating
100% The Guardian Anyone familiar with Hookworms’ previous releases may think they know what to expect musically from Microshift.
100% Soundblab We no doubt would have been satisfied with a repeat of Pearl Mystic or The Hum but Hookworms are far too creative, far too excited by the prospect of new sounds to simply repeat themselves.
100% New Musical Express Last year almost 30 releases were recorded at Suburban Home in Kirkstall, the studio run by the band’s synth player and vocalist Matthew Johnson (MJ).
90% Drowned in Sound A North American tour hit the rocks when bureaucratic visa goblins struck and months later the home studio of keyboardist and vocalist Matthew ‘MJ’ Johnson was flooded, leaving the band out of pocket and inspiration.
90% The Line of Best Fit
90% No Ripcord
90% The 405 At the risk of needlessly regurgitating a story that every music publication worth its salt will have made reference to in the past week or so, I’m going to briefly mention that fateful Boxing Day in 2015 when the River Aire burst its banks and flooded the Kirkstall area of Leeds, the epicentre of the city’s burgeoning DIY music scene, and with it Hookworms frontman MJ’s Suburban Home recording studio.
85% Under the Radar Magazine There's a warmth to Microshift that flies in the face of that comparison, with the band exploring body image, heartbreak, and death with a tenderness that previously wasn't put on display on the band's previous outings.
80% DIY Magazine While ‘The Hum’ proved a logical step forward for Hookworms, ‘Microshift’ pays little attention to the script, and is all the more thrilling for it. 
80% The Skinny Similarly, the album's weighty lyrical themes – from body image to depression and loss – is at odds with its musical optimism.
80% Loud & Quiet Having already taken a significant financial hit after their transatlantic tour was pulled, Johnson and the band faced potential ruin in the wake of the floods, even though they’d been able to get down to the studio and salvage equipment before the rising waters could claim it.
80% Music OMH A microshift would suggest that very little has changed since their last album, but the reality is quite different.
80% Record Collector With intuitive sequencing, Static Resistance follows fast in a motorik rush of garage organ and guitar, answering MJ’s urge to get “all this out your system”.These urges forge cogency from contrast as Microshift hurtles from peaks to lows.
80% Louder than war The genesis of Microshift, however, does sound really bloody difficult, yet what they have produced is testament to their Yorkshire grit and how, three albums in, Hookworms truly embody the resilient strength of the human spirit.
68% Earbuddy And once you hear the album’s abundance of synths, loops, blips and bloops, you’ll likely agree.