Holly Herndon



This album was released 10 weeks ago.

80% ±14% 16 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Birth
2 Alienation
3 Canaan (Live Training)
4 Eternal
5 Crawler
6 Extreme Love
7 Frontier
8 Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt
10 Evening Shades (Live Training)
11 Bridge
12 Godmother
13 Last Gasp
Rating Source
80% 4WIM Rating
100% The Guardian
100% The Skinny Where 2015’s Platform explored how technology enables and perverts communication between humans, PROTO – her latest on 4AD – casts its gaze at our relationship with ‘inhuman’ beings, which proves to be just as troubling.
90% Exclaim! Music
90% Soundblab Her approach to music is similar to others in the genre like Yves Tumor and Oneohtrix Point Never, except Herndon is always at the center; her elegant symphonic voice carries each of her albums, no matter how indecipherable it may be at times.
90% Pop Matters While AI music is typically trained upon fixed, existing datasets, Herndon experimented with what she refers to as "live training ceremonies".
85% Under the Radar Magazine Jun 10, 2019 Web Exclusive By James Thornhill In this age of homogeny, phrases like "experimental" and "avant garde" are thrown around liberally, usually to add conceptual weight to music that is often anything but.
83% Gaffa (Sweden)
80% The Line of Best Fit
80% The 405 Any discussion of Holly Herndon’s newest album, PROTO, must start with how it was conceived, but it doesn’t have to end there.
80% Music OMH Holly Herndon is relatively anomalous in the music community, for believing that artificial intelligence can be a welcome addition to the compositional process rather than a threat to it.
80% [sic] Magazine
76% Resident Advisor Few musicians have explored AI as a compositional tool or as a source of brand new sounds, which is understandable given the academic knowledge needed to grapple with the technology.
70% God is in the TV The album’s title can be meant first or primitive, like the start of a special and significant blueprint.
60% The Arts Desk To consider the third album from experimental composer Holly Herndon solely as a piece of music is to miss the point.
60% Loud & Quiet It’s certainly how Holly Herndon sees it; technology and modern computing consistent themes in her work.
50% Nöjesguiden