Half Waif



This album was released 38 weeks ago.

78% ±10% 11 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Lavender Burning
2 Torches
3 Keep It Out
4 Lilac House
5 In the Evening
6 Solid 2 Void
7 Silt
8 Back in Brooklyn
9 Parts
10 Leveler
11 Salt Candy
12 Ocean Scope
Rating Source
-1% 4WIM Adjuster
78% 4WIM Rating
90% Pop Matters Cascine 27 April 2018 Lavender is an album in motion.
90% Soundblab Vincent, but Plunkett doesn’t hide behind character and lays her story and emotions bare.  Even though the lyrics may be oblique in places which lends universality to the album’s themes, her hushed confidence recalls the sweep of Kate Bush.  While the songs with the sturdiest instrumentation (‘Lilac House’, ‘Solid 2 Void’), echo Clark’s bristling energy.  But it’s in the dignity of its quietest moments that Lavender garners its strength.
90% The 405 To be fair, that isn't much of a leap considering the opening track's ('Lavender Burning') concern for an aging grandmother, as well as the record's overall fascination with death, and its acceptance, among other weighty concerns.
80% Loud & Quiet On ‘Torches’ and ‘Silt’ she crafts two songs that both depress and inspire, filled with tales of burning landscapes and failing relationships.
80% The Skinny It’s one of many stunning Half Waif songs – the blossoming build, sharp melody, and shifts in structure all captivate as you would hope.
80% New Musical Express There hasn’t been a shortage of art trying to pin down the feelings of Americans deeply affected by Donald Trump’s election, but the image Half Waif conjures on ‘Torches’ is among the more powerful.
80% Tiny Mixtapes According to song, rhythm fails to appreciate the richness of language and line, whose contours simply can’t stand rhythm’s cyclic habits.
79% GIGsoup Having opened for Mitski on tour earlier this year, Plunkett‘s dreamy Half Waif effortlessly captured audience members (like yours truly) who may have waited for the live experience to engage with their music.
75% Earbuddy If you’re cynical (like me), you can draw easy comparisons to other American solo artists that work in a similar musical vein.
60% Irish Times
60% DIY Magazine Across two albums and two EPs under the moniker Half Waif, Nandi Rose Plunkett has utilised sparkling, shimmering electronic pop to frame her examinations of the self and of our relationships.