Frankie Cosmos



This album was released 50 weeks ago.

74% ±8% 11 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Caramelize
2 Apathy
3 As Often as I Can
4 This Stuff
5 Jesse
6 Duet
7 Accommodate
8 I'm Fried
9 Hereby
10 Ballad of R & J
11 Ur Up
12 Being Alive
13 Bus Bus Train Train
14 My Phone
15 Cafeteria
16 The End
17 Same Thing
18 Vessel
Rating Source
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74% 4WIM Rating
90% Soundblab Greta Kline is prolific, to say the least.  Vessel, the fourth album she’s released as bandleader of Frankie Cosmos, is actually her 52nd release since 2011.
85% Paste Magazine Greta Kline requires your whole attention if you are going follow what she's saying on Vessel, her third studio album as Frankie Cosmos, now audibly a full band rather than a bedroom solo project.
80% Exclaim! Music These moments retain the genuine warmth of Frankie Cosmos's Bandcamp days, despite the record being the project's debut release for Sub Pop.
80% DIY Magazine Greta hasn’t gone the route of music’s pop elite, though, cramming as many songs on an album as possible to reap streaming rewards.
77% GIGsoup Her music has grown and flourished with it, and on their debut with Sub Pop Records ‘Vessel,’ Frankie Cosmos’ sunny optimism has been replaced with bitter doses of reality, inner unsettlement, and apathy mixed with the candid observations that pepper all of her lyrics.
75% Under the Radar Magazine The unassuming tunes that cradle this quality, performed by her and her band of the same name, reinforce that essence.
70% Loud & Quiet
70% God is in the TV There’s a universe in which a lot of recorded music exists, and then there’s the Frankie Cosmos cosmos.
70% Earbuddy During “Outside with the Cuties”, she admits that she hasn’t quite finished the song yet, but would like for the (unspecified) audience to help her finish it.
67% Gaffa (Sweden) Hon delar sina intimaste och känslosammaste minnen vilket titeln Vessel också vittnar om där musiken är som ett fartyg som används för att skeppa känslor.
60% Irish Times Yet Vessel feels a little like the less achieving younger sibling of Kline’s 2016 record Next Thing – it’s similar, just not as consistently great.