Frank Turner

Be More Kind


This album was released 37 weeks ago.

74% ±8% 9 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Don't Worry
2 1933
3 Little Changes
4 Be More Kind
5 Make America Great Again
6 Going Nowhere
7 Brave Face
8 There She Is
9 21st Century Survival Blues
10 Blackout
11 Common Ground
12 The Lifeboat
13 Get It Right
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74% 4WIM Rating
90% God is in the TV Opening with ‘Don’t Worry’, Frank Turner’s latest album begins with an almost gospel like call for humanity, albeit with a hint of his signature folk style thrown in for good measure, to unite and connect with one another, like we all did in the days before social media took over our lives.
80% New Musical Express Terms & Conditions and Privacy & Cookies PolicyIf there’s one battle Turner won’t be joining this time round, it’s the one against pop music devouring rock like industry pack wolves on a wounded bison.
80% GIGsoup Through this 13 track album, Frank opens up his eyes to the issues facing the world and offers his own perceptions and how, despite it all looking like doom and gloom, there is always room for more kindness, more love and more resilience to offer a glimmer of hope for what looks to be a pivotal period of time for mankind.
80% Drowned in Sound It’s the ones who churn out five albums which sound exactly the same who often fade into obscurity or struggle to reach the fans who have drifted away.
80% Pop Matters The former punk rocker employs a string section to carry the emotional weight of the lyrics that bemoan the fact that the world seems to have lost its mind and that people have become so polarized that they don't even talk to each other anymore.
80% Renowned for Sound This album is mainly divided in two parts, one about politics and topics as Brexit and Trump, and one about general world problems, as environmental disasters.
70% Music OMH The message at the heart of Frank Turner's seventh solo record Be More Kind is a simple one on the face of it – and is spelled out by its title.
70% Under the Radar Magazine But that term fails to address the nuances of Turner's skill set as a musician, and his myriad influences, from Iron Maiden to Bruce Springsteen, especially in light of this, his seventh solo studio record.
60% Clash His latest, and seventh studio release ‘Be More Kind’ carries the timely message that we should all start being a little nicer to each other.