Father John Misty

God's Favorite Customer


This album was released 37 weeks ago.

75% ±10% 18 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Hangout at the Gallows
2 Mr. Tillman
3 Just Dumb Enough to Try
4 Date Night
5 Please Don't Die
6 The Palace
7 Disappointing Diamonds Are the Rarest of Them All
8 God's Favorite Customer
9 The Songwriter
10 We're Only People (And There's Not Much Anyone Can Do About That)
Rating Source
75% 4WIM Rating
90% Music OMH Having 'some capital to burn'€, and being thoroughly disenchanted by everything around him including the US Presidential race and the rise of Trump, Tillman took himself away from Laurel Canyon to New Orleans and recorded Pure Comedy, an album about as far from the sexual bombast of Honeybear as you could get.
87% Earbuddy On Pure Comedy, Tillman put his emotion and thoughts behind a concept album detailing the history of humankind far into the future.
83% Gaffa (Sweden) Att döma från texterna på detta album verkar det som att en av de få personerna som höll honom vid liv under perioden han skrev dessa låtar var en doktorand vid namn Jamie (lyssna på The Palace).
80% Consequence of Sound The end result sees Misty at his most desperate, heartbroken state, making a solid comedown record from I Love You, Honeybear and Pure Comedy that doesn’t quite hit the profound highs of its predecessors, but gets carried quite a long way on the backs of its honest songwriting.
80% Exclaim! Music Where Pure Comedy was wrought with witty social commentary, soaring above lush arrangements, this album often takes a dive into morbid melancholy.
80% DIY Magazine
80% The Guardian The issue of honesty has reared up again and again during the course of Josh Tillman’s career as Father John Misty, not least because of his own obfuscation.
80% New Musical Express Terms & Conditions and Privacy & Cookies PolicyPain and suffering pass, we learn, while individuality is something to be both feared and cherished, Father John Misty’s chief accomplishment, but also his burden.
80% Under the Radar Magazine The production line slowed since he dropped the earnest folk shtick and turned into cynical, satirical jokester Father John Misty in 2012, but output is ratcheting up.
80% The Firenote He provides material in each song, each album, that invites a strong reaction and curious reflection.
80% God is in the TV There is still the melancholy of Pure Comedy in the music, but replacing the social commentary and political slant is what on first glance could be an emotional breakdown but could equally be the opposite side to I Love You, Honeybear, the chandelier swinging of the misanthropes conceiving their Damien.
80% Paste Magazine As bleak as that sounds, Tillman’s gift for melody and his penchant for droll, evocative lyrics pull these 10 songs back from the brink of morbidity.
72% GIGsoup You perceive Father John Misty as the suave uncle that makes Christmas dinners tolerable, or the infant nephew that has completed grade 1 flute that is desperate to perform for you.
70% Drowned in Sound According to writer and broadcaster Malcolm Gladwell, it’s specificity which separates those songs which you want to wallow in, and those that are simply backing tracks to our lives.
70% Tiny Mixtapes While Comedy was the singer’s — as he himself describes it, deeply polarizing — foray into more overt social criticism following the smarmy ironic charm of his championed breakout album I Love You, Honeybear, God’s Favorite Customer finds Father John at an impasse.
60% Slant Magazine
55% The 405 With last year's vast concept album Pure Comedy having explored the human condition as a whole, from a bird’s eye view, Father John Misty rapidly returns to the topic of love, albeit from a much more personal perspective.
50% Nöjesguiden Ungefär så koketterade Father John Misty förra året när vi alla undrade hur han åstadkom sina vackra komplexa melodier och sina texter lika dråpliga som angelägna.