Dizzee Rascal



This album was released 51 weeks ago.

72% ±11% 8 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Focus
2 Wot U Gonna Do?
3 Space
4 I Ain’t Even Gonna Lie
5 The Other Side
6 Make It Last
7 Ghost
8 Business Man
9 Bop N Keep It Dippin
10 She Knows What She Wants
11 Dummy (16 For The Juice)
12 Everything Must Go
13 Slow Your Roll
14 Sick A Dis
15 Way I Am
16 Man Of The Hour
Rating Source
-4% 4WIM Adjuster
72% 4WIM Rating
100% Crack Magazine For all the excitable rumours and talk of reignited beef on Dizzee Rascal’s new album Raskit, the record itself fails to deliver on the hype.
80% The Arts Desk The best those turning to Raskit for cheery choruses will find is the jovial, somewhat throwaway 'She Knows What She Wants'€.
80% The Guardian It was both the biggest hit of his career to date and the sound of a man exasperatedly throwing in the towel, abandoning grime in a craven bid for commercial success.
80% New Musical Express His acclaimed debut album ‘Boy In Da Corner’ charted the poverty and paranoia of his adolescence on a council estate in east London, its claustrophobic beats tense and twitchy with frustration.
70% Music OMH Now that Grime has been fully assimilated into the mainstream, it seems like it’s time for Dizzee Rascal to go back to his roots.
70% The Line of Best Fit
70% Renowned for Sound Four years Dizzee Rascal has made us wait, but now he has finally returned with his sixth studio album, Raskit.  It’s certainly felt like an awfully long time without him.
60% GoûteMesDisques Parler d’un album de Dizzee Rascal en 2017 revient à évoquer un éventuel retour de Dido, tant 2003 et le garçon au coin de la rue ne sont plus que de lointains souvenirs.