Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared?


This album was released 30 weeks ago.

79% ±10% 23 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Death in Midsummer
2 No One's Sleeping
3 Greenpoint Gothic
4 Element
5 What Happens to People?
6 Détournement
7 Futurism
8 Tarnung
9 Plains
10 Nocturne
Rating Source
79% 4WIM Rating
100% The Skinny Deerhunter are a mark of consistency in a turbulent world, having released a string of critically acclaimed albums over the past 15 years.
90% Exclaim! Music But the finest moment comes courtesy of James Dean's ghost, which haunts the ebullient "Plains," a song that sought energetic guidance from Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know."
90% Clash With their last album 'Fading Frontier', Deerhunter found themselves at their most accessible to date.
90% God is in the TV On WHEAD?, Bradford Cox is in a fairly existential mindset this time around, describing it as “an album out of time, concerned with the disappearance of culture, of humanity, of nature of logic and emotion.” Sounding like someone’s disgruntled dad, he questions;‘Why make this album in an era when attention spans have been reduced to next to nothing, and the tactile grains of making music have been further reduced to algorithms and projected playlist placement?’ You could accuse the band of fairly glum naval gazing, but it soon transpires that as well as reacting to themselves, here Deerhunter are reacting to everything around them.
85% The Line of Best Fit
83% Nöjesguiden Första gången jag hörde en Deerhunter var 2014 när jag såg Asthma, en sorglig och vacker indiefilm med Krysten Ritter i huvudrollen med ett grymt soundtrack.
82% Earbuddy It’s a fun concept to play around with; which bands do or do not meet this criterion can be surprising.
80% The Guardian The eighth album by Deerhunter comes with a lot of words attached, of varying degrees of usefulness.
80% Record Collector The mood is immediately set when, with little fanfare, he begins proceedings by musing aloud on the blend of desire, skills, work ethic, talent and elemental force that “come in handy should you come face to face with 80,000 screaming rock’n’roll fans waiting for you to pull something out of the hat.” As rock and pop music and its performers have aged, many have skilfully picked apart the tricks of the trade, but nobody has done it like this.
80% New Musical Express With their eighth album, Deerhunter may have done the same – and 'Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?'
80% Crack Magazine What would it sound like if a guitar band took on the kind of themes that producers James Ferraro or Holly Herndon tackle in their work?
80% DIY Magazine The premise for Deerhunter’s eighth album is laid out seconds into first single ‘Death In Midsummer’.
80% The Firenote They may have toned down the guitars a bit versus past recordings but unlike so may Indie bands who have almost completely eschewed the instrument (Metric, Wye Oak) Deerhunter will not be swayed by all the EDM in the world.
80% Consequence of Sound Hypnotic melodies swirl as Cox’s voice fills the forefront while the rhythm section, anchored by longtime members Lockett Pundt and Moses Archuleta, flesh out the songs with grand arrangements.
80% No Ripcord It might seem as if the Atlanta indie rock band had abandoned the gleaming abstractions of their early work for impeccably crafted pop music, but doing so was as much of an experiment as it was their more challenging work.
80% Drowned in Sound While it’s difficult to look at the works of Deerhunter and say with conviction that they ever exactly had a commercial phase, I think it’s at least accurate to say that eighth outing Why Hasn’t Everything Disappeared Already?
80% Under the Radar Magazine Jan 25, 2019 Web Exclusive By Stephen Axeman If you have been watching Deerhunter on Instagram you know that whenever the mood strikes, frontman Bradford Cox just starts streaming wherever he is.
80% Loud & Quiet Their latest arrives nearly a decade after their career highlight to date, 2010’s ‘Halycon Digest’, and you wonder whether, on an alternate timeline, they might have taken a different turn – a more straightforward one – after that album, just like ‘Microcastle’, and ‘Weird Era Cont.’ before it, was lavished with the sort of critical praise that inevitably brought the Atlantans to the attention of the wing of the alternative music world that tends to be more traditional in its tastes.
78% QRO Magazine
67% Gaffa (Sweden)
65% The 405 How about those shows in the summer of 2011, with our feet in the sand, watching Bradford Cox and Lockett Pundt sweat like crazy on the band’s extensive festival tour?
60% [sic] Magazine As to whether Deerhunter or indeed he should still bother making music at all, it feels simply like fishing for compliments.
50% Tiny Mixtapes Like ghosts that don’t know they’re dead, the songs on Deerhunter’s Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?