Death Grips

Year Of The Snitch


This album was released 34 weeks ago.

74% ±4% 5 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Death Grips Is Online
2 Flies
3 Black Paint
4 Linda's In Custody
5 The Horn Section
6 Hahaha
7 Shitshow
8 Streaky
9 Dilemma
10 Little Richard
11 The Fear
12 Outro
13 Disappointed
Rating Source
-7% 4WIM Adjuster
74% 4WIM Rating
85% Earbuddy From our own JEDowney awarding the band a perfect score for their 2012 album, The Money Store, to us writing them completely off within a short amount of time.
84% GIGsoup Notorious for their innovative hybrid of industrial, hip hop and noise, Californian trio Death Grips are now “online” with ‘Year of the Snitch’.
80% The Line of Best Fit
80% Music OMH Turntablism is an interesting new addition to their sound, with DJ Swamp scratching samples from previous Death Grips songs throughout the album, and The Rolling Stones were a major influence on tracks like Black Paint as well as the disconcerting album cover.
75% The 405 They would have stood out as the more fleshed out compositions on Fashion Week or Interview 2016, but within the context of a proper album, they suffer by dint of comparison.