This album was released last week.

89% ±2% 3 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Psycho
2 Streatham
3 Black
4 Purple Heart
5 Location (feat. Burna Boy)
6 Disaster (feat. J Hus)
7 Screwface Capital
8 Environment
9 Lesley (feat. Ruelle)
10 Voices
11 Drama
Rating Source
-9% 4WIM Adjuster
89% 4WIM Rating
100% The Guardian But, despite its guest appearances from J Hus, Burna Boy and Ruelle, Psychodrama is an album that seems intent on setting a degree of distance between Dave and his peers.
100% New Musical Express When Dave takes us on a tour of a lifetime of learnings and pressures and difficulties on stand out track ‘Black’, every piano key serves to emphasise the defiant and dexterous wordplay.
95% The Line of Best Fit