You Won't Get What You Want


This album was released 6 weeks ago.

83% ±1% 4 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 City Song
2 Long Road, No Turns
3 Satan In The Wait
4 The Flammable Man
5 The Lords Song
6 Less Sex
7 Daughter
8 The Reason They Hate Me
9 Ocean Song
10 Guest House
Rating Source
-8% 4WIM Adjuster
83% 4WIM Rating
93% Consequence of Sound The band’s brand of whirring guitars and breakneck speed doesn’t make an appearance until the fourth track, “The Flammable Man”, but it hasn’t lost a step.
90% Exclaim! Music The manic mathcore tendencies of their earlier records have further been tempted by time and songwriting maturity.
90% GoûteMesDisques Notre route croise celle de Daughters pour la première fois en 2003 lorsque le groupe de Rhode Island sort Canada Songs, un premier disque riche en déstructurations rythmiques.
90% Music OMH Since 2003's economic Canada there has been an exponential growth in the track length of Daughters songs.