Black Messiah


This album was released 370 weeks ago.

92% ±7% 31 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Ain't That Easy
2 1000 Deaths
3 The Charade
4 Sugah Daddy
5 Really Love
6 Back to the Future (Part I)
7 Till It's Done (Tutu)
8 Prayer
9 Betray My Heart
10 The Door
11 Back to the Future (Part II)
12 Another Life
Rating Source
92% 4WIM Rating
100% Laut Komplett analog aufgenommen, schiebt sich D'Angelos Falsett über einen knurrenden Rhythmus mit stockendem Händeklatschen.
100% Verdens Gang
100% GoûteMesDisques S'il est écrit dans la Bible que Jésus a ressuscité au bout du troisième jour, le Black Messiah doit être à l'heure antillaise.
100% The A.V. Club What’s remarkable about Black Messiah, other than the fact that it actually exists, is how fresh D’Angelo sounds when slotted next to modern R&B artists.
100% The Arts Desk Like Beyonce in 2013, D'Angelo has just thrown the most humungous spanner in the works, and changed the year's musical landscape in a single day.
100% Nöjesguiden Med den svårgreppade kontrasten mellan precist hantverk och deformerad råhet som främsta styrka visa albumet upp element som länge saknats dagens ofta inrutade och mallenligt utförda R&B.
100% Slant Magazine
100% Tiny Mixtapes D’Angelo, in the liner notes for Black Messiah, says only that some might think this is a religious album, that some songs are political, but does not further qualify anything.
100% Glide Magazine Nice.”Which, OK, is actually a good starting point for understanding Black Messiah, both for the strong similarities and equally major differences between Radiohead and the artist born Michael Eugene Archer.
100% Renowned for Sound After 14 years of false alarms, personal trials and tribulations and an intimidating level of hype from fans and peers alike, the one and only D’Angelo (with his new band The Vanguard in tow) nonchalantly dropped Black Messiah – possibly the most hotly anticipated release of the last two decades.
100% Exclaim! Music The timely Black Messiah is fortuitously timed in this sense, and prescient in a way that invites the temptation to overhype its arrival simply by virtue of existing, rather than actual musical merit.
95% Paste Magazine Citing uprisings in Ferguson and Egypt and the Occupy movement in the liner notes, D'Angelo seeks to empower those reaching for equity beyond color and economics.
94% Pitchfork Live shows soon descended into catcalling, and D, convinced his music had become an accessory to his looks, slipped slowly out of sight.
91% The New Zealand Herald D'Angelo D'Angelo actually dropped his first release in 14 years in 2014, a musical surprise just before Christmas, but that left us no time to review it before the holidays, so it's our first review for 2015 instead.
90% New Musical Express
90% Rockfoto Av den magiska mix av soul, r&b, funk och hiphop, som vi vant oss vid att förknippa med D'Angelo, finns glöden och lekfullheten definitivt kvar.
90% The Line of Best Fit And until last Sunday, when Black Messiah dropped unexpectedly at midnight, that was fourteen long years without any new music from the man many had once regarded as the saviour of modern soul.
90% Drowned in Sound Back in 2008, when Axl Rose famously called Dr Pepper’s bluff by finally releasing (inflicting?) Chinese Democracy on the world, the music press found itself in need of a new byword for any project that had been perennially delayed to the point of parody; James River seemed as worthy a candidate as any other.
90% Pop Matters The songs themselves are noteworthy in their own right, but the timing of the release overshadowed them initially, and with understandable reason.
90% Spin But he probably wrote that couplet four years ago — ?uestlove’s been hyping that song, “The Charade,” in interviews since 2011.
90% Wondering Sound Now, with his first album in album 15 years finally out in the world, he’s about to take his fabled live show to Saturday Night Live.
88% Consequence of Sound Much like the defined openness of a jazz composition, the tight song still offers room for deeply technical and oftentimes spiritual play.
87% Rock NYC Hard to deny, and for sure Black Messiah is no Voodoo –the songs aren’t there, they are all multi layered vocals on top (and inside) funk grooves where another beat replaces the melody line time after time.
83% Gaffa (Sweden) Bilden på omslaget till Black Messiah är en stillbild från en kortfilm inspelad där under festivalen, fångad när publiken ombads sträcka händerna i luften i gemensam och solidarisk protest.
83% Svenska Dagbladet Det märks ibland med all tydlighet hur den skivsamlande Questlove från The Roots har satt sin prägel på ”Black Messiah”, för övrigt inte helt olikt deras förbisedda samarbete med Elvis Costello härom året.
83% Aftenposten En 100 prosent perfekt melodi, 100 prosent perfekt spilt, av et band 100 prosent kompetent til oppgaven.
83% Gaffa (Denmark) Sammen med bandet The Vanguard byder D'Angelo på svedig funk, sexet soul og cool r&b – alt sammen pakket ind i et tæppe af velproduceret lyd, der ikke lyder af hverken for meget eller for lidt.
80% Aftonbladet Under det ett och ett halvt decennium som gått sedan sist har D’Angelo jobbat på sig själv snarare än på ett nytt album.
80% New York Daily News D’Angelo had been testing the waters of a comeback for the last few years, playing concerts that featured several songs which turned up on the new disc.
80% HiFi Magazine Although it was critically and commercially ignored then, that album has now been ascribed as one of the greatest landmark albums of our time (Rolling Stone placed it at No.
80% The Firenote Once you get passed the first 5 tracks the songs tend to settle down and become a bit less challenging, more accessible but no less musical.