Christine and the Queens



This album was released 93 weeks ago.

83% ±11% 23 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Comme si on s'aimait
2 Damn, dis-moi (feat. Dâm-Funk)
3 La marcheuse
4 Doesn't matter (voleur de soleil)
5 5 dols
6 Goya ! Soda !
7 Follarse
8 Machin-chose
9 Bruce est dans le brouillard
10 Le G
11 Les yeux mouillés
12 L'étranger (voleur d'eau)
1 Comme si
2 Girlfriend (feat. Dâm-Funk)
3 The walker
4 Doesn't matter
5 5 dollars
6 Goya Soda
7 Damn (what must a woman do)
8 What's-her-face
9 Feel so good
10 Make some sense
11 The stranger
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83% 4WIM Rating
100% The Guardian There’s a tendency to write about Christine and the Queens as if listening to her is worthy, the musical equivalent of eating chia seeds.
100% DIY Magazine Releasing debut album ‘Chaleur Humaine’ in her homeland of France in 2014, Christine & The Queens bubbled under as a buzzy yet largely undiscovered new pop talent for two years, before the album got its UK release in 2016, and an astonishing twelve months followed.
100% New Musical Express Bolstered by her growing fame and remarkable rise to the top of pop, ‘Chris’ is an album that flaunts the idea of being a strong, threatening, sexually empowered woman.
100% The Telegraph
93% The A.V. Club Héloïse Letissier, the French musician behind the project, wasn’t just a refreshingly honest songwriter.
93% Consequence of Sound Any track on the album would fit just as well on a neon dance floor as it would pulsing through earbuds on a walk alone through a city at night.
90% The Line of Best Fit Before her debut album Chaleur Humaine went platinum, with Top 10 status in both her native France and the UK.
90% Clash Debut album ‘Chaleur Humaine’ was a stunning first blast, with its English translation becoming a huge word of mouth success.
86% Paste Magazine Chris, one of two albums that Hèloïse Letissier recorded this year under the moniker Christine and the Queens, aims to subvert the male gaze.
80% Spin But where Marina’s appeal lies in her writing her emotions large through her music, Christine achieves something more challenging and arguably richer in gleefully obfuscating hers — making her as difficult to read in song as on her minimalist and tonally flat LP cover, but essentially inviting you to come and be puzzling with her.
80% Loud & Quiet This transformation continues her playful performance style – before embarking on her career as a musician Letissier trained as a director, and there is definitely a sense of knowing performativity to this new incarnation, hinting at that theatrical past.
80% PressPLAY If you know your shit, you’ll probably have heard the majority of Christine and The Queens‘ debut album.
80% The Skinny Letissier says that creating her first album turned her into an "athlete performer" and this is reflected in the energetic, dynamic sound that exudes from almost every corner of Chris.
80% Slant Magazine
80% God is in the TV I wrote this record because I wanted to address the taboo of a woman being blunt and forward.” Christine told the Guardian recently.
80% Drowned in Sound Of all the surprises that hit across the world in 2016, few (if any) were as welcome as Christine and the Queens’ striking debut record Chaleur Humaine.
80% Music OMH One minute there was hypnotic dance routines and Gallic interpretations of Kanye West songs, the next minute, Héloïse Letissier was guesting on a Madonna tour and seeing her iconic video for Tilted recreated in an episode of cult US TV show Better Things.
80% Under the Radar Magazine Oct 03, 2018 Web Exclusive By Max Pilley After her surprise breakthrough in 2016, Chaleur Humaine, Christine and the Queens auteur Héloïse Letissier witnessed for herself the inner workings of the music industry and suffice to say she didn't like everything that she saw.
80% Dagens Nyheter
70% Exclaim! Music Christine and the Queens Chris By Tim Forster Published Sep 18, 2018 7 If Christine and the Queens' first album, Chaleur Humaine, was a more subdued and introspective record, with Héloïse Letessier (aka Christine, now Chris) looking in, the followup, Chris, swings the other way.
70% Pop Matters As new album Chris proves, Christine and the Queens only need to touch a simple beat to transform it into their own.
67% Nöjesguiden För den som bara är bekant med de popiga, snygga låtarna som Christine and the Queens gör var nog hennes uppvisning under Way Out West en överraskning.
60% Irish Times Girlfriend, the album’s lead single, sees Letissier challenging what it means to be a girlfriend when you don’t typically feel effeminate.