Carly Rae Jepsen



This album was released 59 weeks ago.

76% ±9% 17 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Julien
2 No Drug Like Me
3 Now That I Found You
4 Want You In My Room
5 Everything He Needs
6 Happy Not Knowing
7 I'll Be Your Girl
8 Too Much
9 The Sound
10 Automatically In Love
11 Feels Right
12 Right Words Wrong Time
13 Real Love
14 For Sure
15 Party For One
Rating Source
76% 4WIM Rating
90% The Line of Best Fit
90% God is in the TV Can she top a perfect record?Jepsen describes herself as a perfectionist and an obsessive songwriter.
80% Exclaim! Music
80% The Guardian
80% Irish Times Once fans accept that Dedicated isn’t Emotion 2.0, they’ll fall head over heels for the Canadian pop queen as if it’s the first time.
80% The Skinny Yet while there’s nothing on this album with the immediate ‘wow’ of I Really Like You or Run Away With Me, Dedicated is packed with the sort of earworms that burrow into your subconscious, only to burst free later in a hail of bus stop humming and unaccompanied impromptu karaoke.
80% Consequence of Sound The result is big songs, big production, and big feelings, forming a gigantic record that could only have been achieved with the biggest sword.
80% New Musical Express After four years away, CRJ is back with another sparkling collection of lively and stylised pop tunesCarly Rae Jepsen’s third album ‘Emotion’ was the perfect pop transformation.
80% Pop Matters According to the press release, "No Drug Like Me" "is a promise I made to love in general...'If you make me feel in love then I'll blossom for you.'"The fourth single and album opener "Julien" is the heart of Dedicated, according to Jepsen, detailing a fantastical love that stays with you, a haunting "what might have been" reflection, an ode to everybody's "one that got away."
80% Music OMH It’s been four years since Carly Rae Jepsen released Emotion, an album that at last cemented her position in the premier league of pop stars.
78% Paste Magazine But before the sexual torment of “Emotion,” the sweet rush of “Gimme Love” and all those “Run Away With Me” saxophone memes, Carly Rae Jepsen was, to most, “Call Me Maybe” and nothing more.
75% The 405 Despite the gut churning nature of opener 'Julien' which finds Jepsen "forever haunted by our time," Dedicated is a slice of retro optimist sunshine in the bleak grey mists of modernity.
70% Tiny Mixtapes Beyond the benefit of a doubt, Jepsen’s afforded a vast emotional latitude that isn’t circumscribed by coolness nor siloed off as anything other than mainstream (see the complete history of R&B as “urban” music).
67% Nöjesguiden
60% Loud & Quiet As solid a collection as Dedicated undoubtedly is, it’s missing the magic that made Emotion such a cultural phenomenon.
60% The Arts Desk Her music pure and unashamed radio pop, full of the excitement of living and loving, but her status with her audience and relationship with them are a bit more like what you'd expect from a cult indie act.
60% No Ripcord In weighing today's pop stars, it's unfathomable to believe that Carly Rae Jepsen doesn't exactly fit in.