This album was released 53 weeks ago.

83% ±8% 22 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Sister
2 You and I
3 Sunny's Time
4 New Jade
5 Home
6 Lime
7 Never Come Back
8 Filtered Grand Piano
9 Like I Loved You
10 Magpie
11 Ravi
12 Cloud Song
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83% 4WIM Rating
100% The Arts Desk Around the turn of the millennium, when Dan Snaith started releasing music '€“ initially as Manitoba, then Caribou, and latterly also Daphni '€“ he tended to get lumped in with the folktronica movement.
100% The Guardian In the early 00s, he started out making critically acclaimed electronica that variously tilted towards psychedelia, krautrock and the wistful techno of Boards of Canada; he did it while studying for a PhD in pure mathematics, which added to its cerebral, rarefied air.
90% Music OMH Having released one of the best house tracks of 2019 '€“ Sizzling, under the Daphni alias '€“ Dan Snaith is back as Caribou for a record of lush sounds, inventive songwriting and his trademark muted but soulful vocals.
90% Exclaim! Music Caribou Suddenly By Dylan Barnabe Published Feb 25, 2020 9 Only Dan Snaith (aka Caribou) could take hundreds of draft ideas — give or take 900 — and narrow them down to 12 tracks of Technicolor magic.
90% Louder than war
85% Earbuddy Like, I don’t know the guy personally, but I don’t take him as a Soundcloud Bro electronic musician.
85% The Line of Best Fit
85% Paste Magazine The weight of mortality permeates throughout Suddenly, Dan Snaith’s latest album under his Caribou moniker.
83% Nöjesguiden På Suddenly har den drömska kärlekselectron från förra skivan Our Love förvandlats till ett genomgående väldigt sampligt album.
81% GIGsoup His fourth record under his most recognisable moniker Caribou, ‘Our Love’ was a remarkably composed and reminiscent album.
80% DIY Magazine After releasing ‘Our Love’ in 2014, Caribou, aka Dan Snaith has returned with an album concerned with family and the changes we go through as these relationships evolve.
80% Loud & Quiet Dovetailing between Caribou and Daphni, his prolificity makes this album number six in 10 years, if you include FabricLive93.
80% The Telegraph Electronica is perhaps the only area of popular music where being a bit of a nerdy boffin might be considered good for your street credibility.
80% Pop Matters Suddenly is Caribou's most willfully experimental album to date, his soft, distinctive vocals flow through every track, binding the whole thing together.
80% The Skinny The title of Dan Snaith's latest album as Caribou is inspired by a word that his young daughter learned and began to repeat incessantly.
80% No Ripcord He opens the album on a sparse, downbeat note, giving us a fair warning ahead of the getaway jams he has in store.
80% NOW Toronto But there’s no desperation; the vocals are unwavering and assured, relaying a suggestion of certainty. Across Suddenly, Snaith surrenders to the current.
80% Record Collector Still, Suddenly is at its best when blending head, heart and feet to make another smart party album – among Caribou’s best yet.
80% Slant Magazine The narrative arc of Dan Snaith’s career as Caribou (and Manitoba before it) has been one of increasing devotion to humanity.
75% Under the Radar Magazine Feb 27, 2020 Web Exclusive By Michael Watkins It's been over half a decade since we were last invited into the mind of Dan Snaith under his famous Caribou moniker.
67% Svenska Dagbladet
67% Gaffa (Sweden) Höjdpunkten på Suddenly – hans sjunde studioalbum – är dock dängan Home, som samplar frikostigt från Gloria Barnes soulklassiker med samma namn.