Car Seat Headrest

Twin Fantasy


This album was released 56 weeks ago.

80% ±12% 22 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 My Boy (Twin Fantasy)
2 Beach Life-In-Death
3 Stop Smoking (We Love You)
4 Sober to Death
5 Nervous Young Inhumans
6 Bodys
7 Cute Thing
8 High to Death
9 Famous Prophets (Stars)
10 Twin Fantasy (Those Boys)
Rating Source
80% 4WIM Rating
100% Record Collector
93% Consequence of Sound Such is the experience of listening to Twin Fantasy (Face to Face), a sprawling, loosely conceptual rock album that reimagines an earlier effort Car Seat Headrest’s Will Toledo recorded at 19 on a cheap laptop.
90% Exclaim! Music The DIY album, recorded in the back seat of a car, was unsupported by a label and featured poor production quality, but it resonated.
90% Soundblab Twin Fantasy v.2 looks at things through more of a New Testament lens of forgiveness, acceptance, and grace.  The purest evidence resides on the track ‘Famous Prophets (Minds)’ which at its end originally detailed God in the form of earthquakes, splitting mountains and Toledo pleading for a changed outcome.  Now the track, pushed out an additional six minutes, quotes liberally from the New Testament’s 1 Corinthians as it winds down and washes the vengeance away.  Toledo includes the lines referencing “when I was a child, I reasoned like a child, when I became a man, I gave up childish things”, showing he is finally able to recount the relationship but move forward.  Weighty thoughts for a rock album, but Toledo if anything is a thinker and a detailed one at that.  If you want to just approach it as a musical reinvention that’s fine too, but it’s doing the work a disservice.
90% The Line of Best Fit
90% Glide Magazine While Teens of Denial was a breakthrough for the band, Twin Fantasy is Car Seat Headrest’s magnum opus.
90% The 405 On Twin Fantasy Will Toledo is an idol, a man proud of his youth and all the confusion that came with it.
83% Nöjesguiden Att Will Toledo återvänder för en fullständig nyinspelning av ett album från 2011 i sin helhet är helt logiskt.
80% Tiny Mixtapes The 2011 version of Car Seat Headrest’s Twin Fantasy begins with a variation of the iconic drum phrase from “Be My Baby.” Comprised of just a kick drum and two sticks clicking together, the album’s intro is a modest gesture.
80% The Guardian There are some changes – Nervous Young Inhumans has a new set of lyrics – but in the main, this is about pulling the album into sharper focus.
80% Slant Magazine
80% Backseat Mafia Will Toledo revisits one of his old albums, and adds paint to the sketch, along with extra heart and soul poured into it, a fuller sound but all the same emotion, turmoil and longing as before.
80% Loud & Quiet
80% The Firenote Sure, I was initially disappointed about this approach as well but when you take a step back and hear the new version of Twin Fantasy you will get it.
80% GIGsoup Car Seat Headrest’s newest release, ‘Twin Fantasy’ exudes angst, melancholy and carefully twists the mundane into thoughtfully beautiful lyrics.
80% The Skinny Words that jar with the slacker rock genre, but which fully apply to Will Toledo and Car Seat Headrest.
80% God is in the TV Written as a 19 year old, the theme is still clear; love, confusion, loss and angst, yet as mentioned, it’s not a totally depressing album.
76% Paste Magazine To understand the new Car Seat Headrest release, you first have to understand Car Seat Headrest's origin story.
70% Earbuddy I’m probably the only one on Earbuddy that feels this way (check the AOTY rankings), but there’s a huge Car Seat Headrest contingency online.
70% Clash
67% Gaffa (Sweden) I skiftande tempo kastas vi mellan klen pianokrankhet och besatt oljudsrock, och vi behöver som vanligt ständigt förhålla oss till om det Will Toledo sjunger ska tolkas dödsallvarligt eller slackerironiskt.
40% Under the Radar Magazine Played with passion and fortitude, the schizophrenic rhythms and fuzzed out quirky guitar bursts can be alluring but are just as often challenging.    Twin Fantasy is no different.