Bon Iver

22, A Million


This album was released 276 weeks ago.

87% ±8% 27 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 22 (OVER S∞∞N)
2 10 d E A T h b R E a s T ⚄ ⚄
3 715 - CR∑∑KS
4 33 “GOD”
5 29 #Strafford APTS
6 666 ʇ
7 21 M◊◊N WATER
8 8 (circle)
9 ____45_____
10 00000 Million
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87% 4WIM Rating
100% The Line of Best Fit On 22, A Million, his third album under the Bon Iver title, Justin Vernon breaks ground on an innovative and exciting new music through the resolution of a life crisis.
100% NOW Toronto A good example is the song 715 – Creeks, featuring only Vernon’s voice, sitting bare and so affected as to be robotic or alien.
100% PressPLAY That Vernon is trying all these guises is certainly an indication of his headspace for the meandering 22, A Million.
100% Loud & Quiet Unlike its predecessor, accessibility is a long way down ‘22, A Million’’s list of priorities.
100% Record Collector It’s hard to believe that Bon Iver’s third album comes almost a decade after For Emma, Forever Ago first brought Justin Vernon’s folksy songs of loss to an eventual global audience.
95% The 405 Bon Iver’s music had already made a serious impact in both of our lives, and would continue to do so, but the experience of seeing it live was a transformative one, which was undoubtedly worth the exhaustion.
93% Consequence of Sound From the silly, cryptic tracklisting to the actual direction of the music — which ditches much of the acoustic guitar strums for glitchy, vocoded wailings — the Bon Iver of 2016 is hardly recognizable to those still swooning when they hear “Skinny Love” at their local Starbucks.
90% Music OMH When Justin Vernon first emerged into the limelight as Bon Iver, his backstory was almost as compelling as the music contained on For Emma, Forever Ago.
90% Pitchfork These are fluttery, skeletal songs that struggle against known trajectories and then threaten to disappear entirely.
90% Exclaim! Music Yet in the context of Bon Iver, it's an emphatic step forward, a gorgeous album that, rather than running from it, reflects our fractured world back at us.
90% No Ripcord
90% Drowned in Sound There are a great many songs that make for sterling bedfellows when ensconced in the dark with whiskey in the belly and headphones wrapped tight.
88% Paste Magazine Either way, West and Vernon have each found themselves adrift, and each sought to make sense of his alienation through music.
87% The A.V. Club Just before he made his first album as Bon Iver, For Emma, Forever Ago, he experienced the loss of multiple things—a band and a relationship among them, so the story goes—so he burrowed, regrouped, worked, and wrote songs, proving to himself that he was still whole without them.
83% Nöjesguiden Justin Vernon som ung man med akustisk gitarr och rullbandspelare i en stuga i skogen, med en strategi att hantera sitt krossade hjärta och överansträngning med urstarka och spartanska sånger?
82% QRO Magazine
80% New Musical Express He announced ‘22, A Million’, his third album, by playing the whole thing live at his own festival in his home town of Eau Claire, Wisconsin.
80% DIY Magazine On his third album, he combines samples, complexities, abstractions and endless vocoder as a means of veiling otherwise straightforward recordings.
80% The Guardian The man who is, to all intents and purposes, Bon Iver did not seem terribly happy with his lot in life.
80% Slant Magazine
80% Irish Times The sheer amount of albums that match an emotional, haunting falsetto with melancholic, evocative mood music is testament to the For Emma effect, as are all those patchy covers of Skinny Love on YouTube.
80% Pop Matters It is, according to Hagen, a reconciliation with music as a vehicle for understanding oneself and others.
80% Under the Radar Magazine Sep 30, 2016 Web Exclusive By Zach Hollwedel Bon Iver's (aka Justin Vernon) debut album, For Emma, Forever Ago, was unarguably one of the best records of 2007.
80% The Firenote Right from the opening track, “22 (OVER S∞∞N),” you get a voice that is run through a synthesizer, sampler, and sequencer machine that immediately gives the record a slightly alienated vibe before you get to Vernon’s familiar layered vocal that sings “Where you gonna look for confirmation?” That looking and longing takes place throughout 22, A Million and keeps you in the moment.
80% The Telegraph Under the guise of Bon Iver (essentially a solo project with a band name), Justin Vernon has been one of the key architects of modern popular music.
80% Dagens Nyheter För fyra år sedan meddelade Justin Vernon att det förmodligen inte skulle komma något nytt material med hans band inom en överskådlig framtid.
67% Gaffa (Sweden) Problemet är att Bon Iver varit så tongivande under ett årtionde att de (eller det är väl mest han, Justin Vernon) faller i den grop de själva grävt.