Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Wrong Creatures


This album was released 40 weeks ago.

55% ±17% 22 reviews
# Song 4WIM
2 Spook
3 King of Bones
4 Haunt
5 Echo
6 Ninth Configuration
7 Question of Faith
8 Calling Them All Away
9 Little Thing Gone Wild
10 Circus Bazooko
11 Carried From The Start
12 All Rise
Rating Source
-12% 4WIM Adjuster
55% 4WIM Rating
85% Backseat Mafia Brilliant grunge popGlam grunge exponents, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (BRMC), are back with a vengeance on their eighth album, “Wrong Creatures”.
83% Gaffa (Sweden) Förra plattan Specter At The Feast haltade betänkligt, men återigen har bandet fått till en perfekt blandning av skitiga riff, maffiga basgångar och tunga trummor.
82% GIGsoup For this album, they’ve toned down the sonic shenanigans which made “The Effects Of 333” a rather challenging listen.
80% Soundblab But for all of the personal and professional turmoil that preceded it, Wrong Creatures plays more like a triumphant return to form than the introspective reflection that one might expect.
80% Laut Es schlägt bei manchen öfter zu als bei anderen, und Black Rebel Motorcycle Club haben längst eine satte Portion davon abbekommen.
80% Music OMH Surely we must be due another raft of bands noting Jim and William Reid as their key reference points, if for no other reason than the litany of ‘resurrection‘ jokes it could give rise to.
80% While there are a lot of bands that can't stay the distance and keep making great music without splitting up due to musical differences, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are thankfully not one of them.
80% Louder than war Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, my first thoughts were – where has the time gone, how are BMRC on album number 8?
80% Palim cigaru, uzimam prvi dim i zaustavljam vrijeme; zaranjam u zvuk Black Rebel Motorcycle Cluba, ulazim u svijet "Wrong Creatures".
77% QRO Magazine
75% Under the Radar Magazine And there must be something said that Wrong Creatures pulls from its more recent past than from its deeper roots branched out from The Velvet Underground. The track "Circus Bazooko" becomes the overarching theme of this new album.
70% Glide Magazine It’s a lengthy spell between meals for any band, but it somehow feels right for the California rockers.
65% The Line of Best Fit
64% Paste Magazine Is it the band's fault that in the last five years, theirs is the kind of music that's now being used to sell those very things?
60% Loud & Quiet Not many of their contemporaries from the era have made it this far, and that the trio can still sell out venues the size of Brixton Academy is supporting evidence for the ‘rock ‘n’ roll survivors’ tag they’ve inevitably picked up at this stage in their career.
60% No Ripcord
60% The Arts Desk Five years might not, at first, seem like a long time between albums, certainly when you consider that even tectonic shift left the Avalanches in its wake while they were creating Wildflower.
60% New Musical Express Good new guitar music exists, of course, should you make the effort to look for it – but what of the old guard?
40% Irish Times They are a worn leather jacket of a band, smelling of nights in dimly lit dive bars and as predictable as a Status Quo set list.
40% The Skinny There was a song that grabbed you by the shoulders, announced a new kid on the block, spat, swore, and kicked all the pricks.
33% Nöjesguiden Respektfullt är det absolut, men hur kul är det med ett band som medvetet och frivilligt kliver tillbaka in i skuggan av The Jesus & Mary Chain?
30% Drowned in Sound I’m listening to ‘Calling Them All Away’ now, from BRMC’s thirteenth or so bid for commercial success, Wrong Creatures.