Big Thief



This album was released 24 weeks ago.

85% ±6% 9 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Contact
3 Cattails
4 From
5 Open Desert
6 Orange
7 Century
8 Strange
9 Betsy
10 Terminal Paradise
11 Jenni
12 Magic Dealer
Rating Source
-3% 4WIM Adjuster
85% 4WIM Rating
100% Soundblab Given that Big Thief’s Adrianne Lenker and Buck Meek both had solo albums out last year, it would be fair not to expect another full band effort quite this quickly.  It’s been less than two years since Capacity graced our ears.  Perhaps even more unexpectedly one wouldn’t think the work of art that is revealed on U.F.O.F.
90% Exclaim! Music
90% Loud & Quiet Instead, the audience that their work so far has amassed, and the goodwill that it has bought them, appear to have granted them real creative freedom, as this is their most stylistically ambitious record yet.
90% The 405 Whether these things appear more towards the fact or fiction end of the spectrum will be different for each person, but for Big Thief they are treated as truth.
90% God is in the TV What’s so impressive is that Big Thief manage to constantly shift their sound throughout, fixing each formula in their gaze then attempting something slightly different but just as effective on the next track, yet glowing with a sparsity that threads its themes and sound together.
85% Under the Radar Magazine May 21, 2019 Web Exclusive By Stephen Axeman On Big Thief's rapturous and microcosmic third album, U.F.O.F., the band find themselves vibrating through the grand designs of nature, looking to the stars and pondering the hidden connections that envelop us all.
83% Earbuddy Across two albums, Big Thief has established a reputation that most bands spend careers trying to build.
80% The Skinny Each songwriter’s unique sense of the chaos or serenity they observe (and their place within it) shines through both subtly and resplendently.
80% [sic] Magazine ReviewsThe words of enigmatic Big Thief frontwoman Adrianne Lenker have always been carefully chosen.