Beach House



This album was released 36 weeks ago.

78% ±9% 22 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Dark Spring
2 Pay No Mind
3 Lemon Glow
4 L'Inconnue
5 Drunk In LA
6 Dive
7 Black Car
8 Lose Your Smile
9 Woo
10 Girl Of The Year
11 Last Ride
Rating Source
78% 4WIM Rating
100% Tiny Mixtapes After Bloom’s widescreen production almost pushed them into stadium territory, Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally have continued to amp up the melodies while retaining the band’s ASMR qualities, arguably culminating with Depression Cherry.
87% Consequence of Sound The result of this shift is the sprawling adventure that is 7, imbued with a restless energy and excitement that marks a clear departure from the familiarity of their recent work and their most compelling record in years.
87% Backseat Mafia So as not to fall into a rut of sorts, Scally and Legrand went into their new album 7 with louder ambitions.
85% Under the Radar Magazine They've now reached the sort of rarified status of a group whose comparisons branch out in both directions, covering their own influences and those they've influenced in kind.    7 marks the number in a sequence of Beach House albums as well as a point of departure from past conventions and most importantly, concerns.
85% The 405 For fourteen years, Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally have consecutively been able to transcend themselves in the ways of approaching their music, for many considered one of most vulnerable and rawest forms of art.
83% Gaffa (Sweden) Baltimoregruppen har jobbat hårt med att försöka förtränga konventioner och fortfarande skapa musik som återväcker känslor som man trodde man tappat med målbrottet.7 består av en skara fantastiskt blomstrande hymner som sannerligen är något utöver det vanliga.
80% Loud & Quiet
80% Exclaim! Music The Baltimore duo have yet to release a bad song, and their core sonic blueprint — Victoria Legrand's sonorous vocals and purring organ, Alex Scally's twinkling guitars — seems bulletproof.
80% Drowned in Sound In the end, for all its virtues, Depression Cherry represented business as usual; it was a spacier here, a little more pointed there, but it was certifiably Beach House.
80% Music OMH There’s something like a volta in the seventh album from Beach House; it arrives almost exactly halfway through Dive, the central track, and it’s the moment when the song accelerates, growing from a series of echoing chords and taking on a dense drumming pattern and jagged guitar line that recall early New Order.7 might also turn out to be a volta in Beach House’s oeuvre.
80% The Guardian It’s easy to understand why Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally don’t like people saying their albums all sound the same.
80% PressPLAY Whatever you think of the new flourishes, there’s no doubt that Beach House are still challenging each other to make their finest art.
80% Irish Times The cosmic melody and celestial keys of Dark Spring sound like a trip to another galaxy as Legrand, head in the stars, finds beauty in watching distant worlds collide and crumble.
80% The Firenote One of the best songs in Beach House’s recent catalog is “Sparks,” an electric, noisy track with a quicker tempo than you’re used to with Beach House.
78% Earbuddy But if you can’t be bothered to read something other than this review (thank you for your support), the gist of the essay is that 7 is not only the duo’s seventh album.
76% QRO Magazine
70% Pop Matters Critical interpretations of Baltimore dream pop outfit Beach House tend to classify their music into two categories.
70% Slant Magazine
69% Paste Magazine But Beach House" keeps making records as sublime as 2010's Teen Dream and 2015's gorgeous Depression Cherry, and so we keep listening.
67% Nöjesguiden Det här är första gången Beach House arbetar utan en extern producent, vilket resulterat i ett sound som ligger närmare duons egen musikaliska vision.
60% The Skinny When Beach House released Lemon Glow, the lead track from their seventh album, it was a sign of what was to come.
60% DIY Magazine Across their six studio albums, Beach House have become one of indie’s most dependable acts, and on ‘7’, that continues.