Gold & Grey


This album was released 50 weeks ago.

87% ±11% 10 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Front Toward Enemy
2 I'm Already Gone
3 Seasons
4 Sevens
5 Tourniquet
6 Anchor's Lament
7 Throw Me an Anchor
8 I'd Do Anything
9 Blankets of Ash
10 Emmett - Radiating Light
11 Cold-Blooded Angels
12 Crooked Mile
13 Broken Halo
14 Can Oscura
15 Borderlines
16 Assault on East Falls
17 Pale Sun
Rating Source
-2% 4WIM Adjuster
87% 4WIM Rating
100% Consequence of Sound Over the course of their career, Baroness have delivered material that exudes emotion, while expanding upon their sonic technicality.
100% New Musical Express But the band has also been through – to put it eloquently – some serious shit over the last seven years.
100% Laut Nach dem beinharten Sludge von "Red" und "Blue", sowie den stärker am Mainstream orientierten "Yellow & Green" und "Purple" fügen Baroness ihrem Oeuvre mit "Gold & Grey" eine weitere Facette hinzu.
95% The Line of Best Fit The best heavy metal bands have always been those that push hardest against the confines of the genre, break on through to the other side, and lay the foundations for other bands to build skyward.
90% Exclaim! Music In the last 12 years, the band have moved from being sludgy outsiders to standing at the forefront of heavy metal's cutting edge.
90% Pop Matters Just about every listener—no matter their history or prior opinions—will deem Gold & Grey Baroness' masterpiece.
90% The 405 John Baizley, frontman, guitarist, artist behind those incredibly intricate album covers, and now the only remaining founding member of Baroness, knows the reality of a life lived in the shadow of trauma intimately.
80% The Guardian On their fifth album, though, they sound like a band who aren’t just determined to make up for lost time, but who have realised what is important and want to make the best possible statement they can.
73% Earbuddy Many are calling it a masterpiece while citing all the reasons we loved the band’s other albums so much.
67% Gaffa (Sweden) Raspigare än på något tidigare album, till den grad att jag tror att min högtalare gått sönder.