Arctic Monkeys

Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino


This album was released 36 weeks ago.

68% ±14% 23 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Star Treatment
2 One Point Perspective
3 American Sports
4 Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino
5 Golden Trunks
6 Four Out Of Five
7 The World's First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip
8 Science Fiction
9 She Looks Like Fun
10 Batphone
11 The Ultracheese
Rating Source
68% 4WIM Rating
83% Nöjesguiden Dels har ju Arctic Monkeys tagit risker förr, i producentval och i försök att rikta om fokus från sin ursprungliga gitarrindie.
82% Earbuddy Well, other than it being the band’s first record since AM, they chose not to release any singles for it ahead of its release.
80% Exclaim! Music It is an absolute shattering of what the Arctic Monkeys have been known to do — have their listeners fall hard and fast for their tunes, which have always been rather hard and fast themselves.
80% Irish Times Indeed, as the band twisted, turned, ducked and dived through various incarnations and styles over the years – from the indiepop whimsy of Favourite Worst Nightmare to the bristling desert rock growl of Humbug and the confirmation of their sublime prowess that was 2013’s AM, one thing that remained consistent amidst the musical changes was Turner’s lyric sheet.
80% The Telegraph Five years on, irony has seeped into every level of an album of dazzling surfaces and slippery depths.
80% New Musical Express Arctic Monkeys’ sixth album, whose name is inspired by that landing spot, is not quite as towering an achievement as putting a man on the moon – but consider this the band’s boldest step yet.
80% The Arts Desk Turner composed it alone on his new Steinway Vertegrand, recording the rest in Paris with the band, regular producer James Ford, and a bunch of mates (including members of Klaxons and Tame Impala).
80% God is in the TV On the lush title track, he opines “Do you celebrate your dark side, then wish you’d never left the house?
80% PressPLAY The lead single Four out of Five is an icon for the rest of the album; sultry and smug, with Alex Turner’s gentle humour keeping his chatty lyrics afloat despite things feeling a bit “samey” after the first 20 minutes.
75% The 405 The album is also one that could not have been created without the overarching influence of America’s indulgence and adoration for modernity, celebrity and image.
73% Consequence of Sound
70% Loud & Quiet Turner penned its eleven songs on the piano for the first time, having been gifted a Steinway Vertegrand by his manager, and did so alone; as has been suggested elsewhere, the inevitable end product is a pretty singular one.
70% Slant Magazine
70% Drowned in Sound That might explain why he’s written an entire album about, metaphorically at least, living in a luxury hotel on the moon; a life that is distant, isolated and extremely removed from grubby old planet Earth.
70% Under the Radar Magazine It's worth stating that, before we get any further into this, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino is a good album.
60% DIY Magazine By 2009 and the advent of third album ‘Humbug’, the response had shifted slightly; having hitched a ride to the desert, the quartet were a more mature proposition, straddling the gap between boyish energy and manly swagger and assuredly entering phase two.
60% The Guardian Facebook Twitter Pinterest ‘The songs can feel like less than the sum of their parts’ ...
60% The Skinny Unfortunately Turner’s experimentation with piano as his primary instrument, coupled with the rest of the band’s apparent contentment to let him develop most of the tracks in isolation, doesn’t find a proper footing.
60% Music OMH It’s fair to say that they’ll be more than a few people ‘with the face on’ once they hear Arctic Monkeys‘ sixth album.
60% Glide Magazine While the band still pluck from their vast array of influences, including minimalist soul, late night lounge music and sultry lush production, the group has eliminated all of their rock and roll elements.
50% Gaffa (Sweden) Sådana som inte heller når rimligare höjder när det lovats en pånyttfödelse av bandet och inte minsta tillstymmelse till smakprov ges före själva albumsläppet.
50% No Ripcord Turner not only utilizes it as an occasional red herring, he practically wrote the entirety of the album on it.
20% Renowned for Sound The noughties were a wonderful decade to grow up in, sure we had landfill indie like Pigeon Detectives – but we also had Arctic Monkeys who were the first proper rock n roll band born in a recent decade.