Holy Hell


This album was released 40 weeks ago.

77% ±8% 5 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Death Is Not Defeat
2 Hereafter
3 Mortal After All
4 Holy Hell
5 Damnation
6 Royal Beggars
7 Modern Misery
8 Dying To Heal
9 The Seventh Circle
10 Doomsday
11 A Wasted Hymn
Rating Source
-7% 4WIM Adjuster
77% 4WIM Rating
100% New Musical Express Brighton metalcore group Architects know this better than most.‘Holy Hell’, the band’s eighth studio album, comes lumbered with expectation.
80% DIY Magazine In the two years since Architects released the thunderous ‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us’, founding guitarist Tom Searle passed after a lengthy battle with cancer.
80% Exclaim! Music In fall of 2017, they began writing what would eventually become Holy Hell as a means of coping with their loss, and the much anticipated album is finally set for release.
80% The Guardian In 2016, Brighton metalcore giants Architects were sent reeling when founder guitarist and songwriter, Tom Searle – brother of drummer Dan – died of skin cancer, aged just 28.
80% Laut In "Mortal After All", in dem sie hauptsächlich als atmosphärische Textur dienen, klingen sie aber leider nach songschreiberischem Füllmaterial.