Amen Dunes



This album was released 50 weeks ago.

79% ±11% 13 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Intro
2 Blue Rose
3 Time
4 Skipping School
5 Calling Paul the Suffering
6 Miki Dora
7 Satudarah
8 Believe
9 Dracula
10 Freedom
11 L.A.
Rating Source
79% 4WIM Rating
100% New Musical Express Life at home was often tough, and when McMahon went against his father’s wishes and began to pursue a career in music, he smothered anything autobiographical in low fidelity hiss and abstract artwork.
90% Exclaim! Music Amen Dunes Freedom By Max Mohenu Published Mar 31, 2018 9 In his ten years as Amen Dunes, Damon McMahon's music has never shied away from introspection.
90% The Line of Best Fit
83% Gaffa (Sweden)
82% Paste Magazine On Amen Dunes' new album Freedom, McMahon finally shows himself fully, and the results are both charmingly raw and uncommonly lovely.
80% Soundblab Damon McMahon, the brainchild behind Amen Dunes, loaded his plate with some heady topics on Amen Dunes’ latest, Freedom.
80% No Ripcord McMahon, who goes by the moniker Amen Dunes, tucked his sensitive songwriting in sheets of decadent noise.
80% The Firenote Every record in Amen Dunes discography has been stronger than the one before and Freedom keeps the trend going as it is Damon McMahon’s finest work to date.
75% The 405 Freedom is the sole word Damon McMahon chose to summate his most recent opus underneath the mask of Amen Dunes.
74% GIGsoup Given this, Amen Dunes rewards prolonged engagement with the album; audiences may find their attention lazily drifting between McMahon‘s voice and session player Gus Seyffert‘s (Beck, Bedouine) propulsive basslines.
73% Earbuddy We got albums like Kirin J Callinan’s Bravado and Alex Cameron’s Forced Witness, which tackled this theme, but they get just as much scrutiny for possibly celebrating it rather than renouncing it.
60% The Guardian Songs such as Believe carry on the affinity Amen Dunes’ older music had with early Spiritualized or Mazzy Star.
60% Tiny Mixtapes Recently, albums dealing with the experience of grief — in particular, Mount Eerie, but also, for example, Japanese Breakfast — have been prominent on the cultural landscape.