Amanda Shires

To the Sunset


This album was released 28 weeks ago.

77% ±4% 7 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Parking Lot Pirouette
2 Swimmer
3 Leave It Alone
4 Charms
5 Eve's Daughter
6 Break out the Champagne
7 Take on the Dark
8 White Feather
9 Mirror, Mirror
10 Wasn't I Paying Attention
Rating Source
-5% 4WIM Adjuster
77% 4WIM Rating
90% God is in the TV Having always addressed several personal and heartfelt issues that affect the masses through her music, the new album from Amanda Shires titled To The Sunset is no different, and her ability to connect with fans and listeners everywhere is showcased well through opening number ‘Parking Lot Pirouette’, which lyrically focuses on the effort it can take to even try – and fail – to walk away from an individual who, for whatever reason, is no good for you.
83% Nöjesguiden Amanda Shines behöver egentligen inte namedroppa att hon fått låtskrivartips av John Prine eller ens att hennes man Jason Isbell gästar på något ställe på To the Sunset. Låtkvaliteten talar för sig själv, och redan i den inledande torchsången Parking Lot Pirouette bländar hon vokalt med kraft och tonsäkerhet.
80% The Skinny Upon the release of her last record, Amanda Shires started getting described as the First Lady of Americana, a title befitting her rise to prominence, as well as her marriage to Jason Isbell.
80% Pop Matters It would be easy enough to let an album cohere around a catchy sardonic vision, but Shires is no more willing to do that than she is to actually record an expected Americana album (as her work will likely be categorized).
80% Glide Magazine It’s louder with distorted electric guitars, effects pedals, swirling keys and synths, and rocking rhythms upon which Shires’ soprano usually soars.
80% Exclaim! Music Amanda Shires To the Sunset By Thierry Côté Published Aug 08, 2018 8 If the striking image of a shimmering, ghostly Amanda Shires on the cover of To the Sunset hints at the fact that fans of the excellent My Piece of Land should expect something a little different this time around, the swirling backwards electronic sounds and feedback that introduce opener "Parking Lot Pirouette" make this abundantly clear.
78% Paste Magazine It’s also the throughline that belies all the buzz about how To the Sunset represents a radical departure for Shires.