Aldous Harding



This album was released 12 weeks ago.

82% ±11% 15 reviews
# Song 4WIM
1 Fixture Picture
2 Designer
3 Zoo Eyes
4 Treasure
5 The Barrel
6 Damn
7 Weight of the Planets
8 Heaven is Empty
9 Pilot
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82% 4WIM Rating
100% The Skinny One of the common themes running through much of the press surrounding Aldous Harding’s terrific 2017 record, Party, was that the New Zealander was a little bit of an enigma.
100% God is in the TV And yet, we still feel the need to make sense of it.  Harding’s third album, Designer, recorded in Cardiff and Bristol, continues in that same sublimely ambiguous vein, with production sheen once again provided by John Parish (PJ Harvey, Laura Jean).
100% Soundblab How and why are questions yet to be provided with answers, but the fact remains that Harding’s darkly tinged musical images and not so ordinary song structures worked for practically everybody.
90% The Line of Best Fit
81% Earbuddy
80% The Guardian Comebacks come no more enigmatic than The Barrel, the first single to be taken from Aldous Harding’s third album, and its accompanying video.
80% Under the Radar Magazine Apr 26, 2019 Web Exclusive By Stephen Axeman You can almost imagine Aldous Harding's face contorting into paralytic awe or into an expression of statuesque severity when you hear her move guilelessly through her register.
80% New Musical Express Teaming up once again with PJ Harvey collaborator John Parish on production, ‘Designer’ seems to gracefully pick up where ‘Party’ left off, yet with a little more control as she continues down her esoteric path.
80% DIY Magazine Recorded over two weeks in Bristol with PJ Harvey producer John Parish, the result is about as enchanting as folk records come.
80% Exclaim! Music Aldous Harding Designer By Laura Stanley Published Apr 30, 2019 8 Aldous Harding's abstract songwriting left listeners of her past two records confused yet enchanted, and the experience remains for her third album, Designer.
80% Clash Each song is imbued with an incredibly rich sense of atmosphere, something 2017’s breakout album ‘Party’ mastered to a fine degree.‘Designer’ finds the New Zealand born songwriter writing a fresh chapter, and she does so with typically astute artistry.
80% [sic] Magazine ReviewsIn the surreal world of Aldous Harding, songs are conjured via sleight of hand, simple gestures rendered fantastical as fairytales.
70% Loud & Quiet Its breezy sensibility reflects the tone of the track, which has a richness borne of full band arrangements.
67% Nöjesguiden När hon släppte sitt andra album Party för två år sedan var Aldous Harding helt okänd utanför Nya Zealand.
60% The 405 Let’s get this out of the way from the off – this isn’t as good as Aldous Harding’s last album Party.